Needle-free Injection Systems

We are partnering with Medical International Technologies (MIT Canada) Inc. who is a world leader in the development of needle-free injection therapies. They bring over 25 years of experience in improving the administration of liquid medications in Vaccinations, Local Anesthesia, Mesotherapy, General Routine Procedures, Clinical Dermatology, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Podiatry and Physiatrist pharmaceuticals, vaccines, cosmetic and biologics.

Together with MIT Canada, we are able to provide you in Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Maldives with a selection of needle-free injection products that meets today's dynamic healthcare environment.

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NOTE: In view of Global Medical Device Regulations which prohibit the resale of used equipment through unlicensed sources, we are unable to support by way of sale of syringes (and gas) and provide follow up service and support for any of our branded devices not purchased from us directly or purchased from elsewhere or online.

About Med-Jet

The vaccine or medication being injected with the MED-JET® is directed through a small orifice 7 times smaller than the smallest available needle in the world. This extremely small stream of liquid under pressure will pierce the skin and then the remainder of the dose will be dispersed into the desired layer of tissue. The system's uniqueness is its ability to utilize low pressure delivery methods without compromising accuracy, convenience and ease of use - while ensuring patient comfort, environmental safety and user affordability.

The MED-JET®offers a range of features:

Benefits of Needle-Free Injections

The Company’s needle-free injection systems have significant advantages over needle and syringes in several ways:

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